I did a starlapse for the first time. LOOK AT THE STARS!!FP Edit:Wow, seriously guys, thank you so much! I feel all good inside.To answer a few questions:1. I shot this on a Sony A7s, with a canon FD 24mm f/2, on carbon fiber manfrotto sticks. 2. My settings were: 15" shutter, f/2, 6400 ISO, with a shot taken every 30" over the course of about 5-6 hours. I ended up with about 500-600 shots, and I compiled them in After Effects.3. For those complaining about light pollution, and pollution, I live in a medium sized city in a valley so tons of light, and all that smog just gets trapped. I can't see stars at all. I had to go 2 hours south, and out into super farm land to get this. This was taken in Meadow, UT for those that are curious.I'm going to go shoot another this weekend, and I'll post a how to guide along with it.